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Abeego Beeswax Food Wraps

Ryan's Happy Place

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Reusable Food Wrap Sizes:- Small: 18cm x 18cm (7"x7"), Medium: 25cm x 25cm (10"x10"), Large: 33cm x 33cm (13"x13")

The green and healthy way to store anything from half an avocado to a cooked dish with Abeego food wraps. Choose the variety set which includes 1 of each size or choose a set of 6 Small or 3 Medium covers to suit your needs.

Press the Abeego wrap around your dish or item of food and then store in the fridge for fresh food the next day.


WASH: Cold water and eco-friendly soap are your keys to long-lasting Abeego. If unsoiled, simply fold and put away.

REUSE: With regular use and proper care, Abeego will last you at least a year. That’s countless foods saved & meals rescued.

END OF LIFE: When the day comes, Abeego is 100% compostable. Better yet, cut it into strips and repurpose as firestarters or twist ties for the garden. Relive the magic of new Abeego all over again!